March 31, 2008

Mission: Paint

We had decided to paint today, after cleaning out the room and taping yesterday, but once Mark has a mission, it is all systems go. So, we painted our family room/downstairs den last night. The color looks beautiful--it looks like a different room--and we should have enough to paint the guest room and office the same lovely color. We painted it Lakefront, which is a nice steel blue. I'm not posting any pictures, so that friends/family who read this will have to come visit us at some point.

I promised knitting pictures, so here are my two major works in progress that will be getting worked on this Spring Break (woo-hoo):

Mark's Ravenclaw scarf, from the Charmed Knits book

A stole for myself out of a lovely variegated yarn--blue, purple, and gray tweedy stuff

Spring Break #4: Spring Break 2000 in Cheyenne at State FBLA
In 2000, I was a sophomore in college, but I attended Wyoming's State FBLA because my sister was running for President of FBLA, and I was her campaign manager and go-to girl. I had a suite at either Little America, or the Hitching Post (I honestly can't remember), and helped out with the whole Chugwater FBLA chapter. It was very fun--time with Sarah and friends, reliving the whole fabulous FBLA experience--but it makes the countdown because I was also spending a lot of time listening to a mix tape from this nice guy in college who I'd been on one date with, but who had given me this tape. I probably listened to it forty times. It had a lot of Journey, Toto, and 80s rock.


From Hannah, Love Abby said...

I like what you have going on with this blog. And your stole.


Jen Miller said...

I saw these and thought of you! I think you should make some as a next project!

(I lurk on your blog - blame Hannah)

Jen Miller said...

Actually - I have to link these too 'cause they're super neat also :D

The Coach said...

Journey, Toto, and 80's rock! Sounds like you found Mr. Right. Or at least Mr. Cool.

Amanda said...

Jen--thanks for the great ideas!