March 09, 2008


I've tried a few blogs--one with the purpose of helping me write a novel, and one with the purpose of working on my class reunion. I ditched them both. This blog has no purpose, other than to let me purge my adult conversation, and document that I actually completed my knitting projects.

I've actually been encouraged to start this blog, and I guess part of my purpose is to quit leaving long comments on my friends' blogs--perhaps this can serve as a place for me to let all my conversation hang out.

See, I teach freshmen in high school (and two classes of sophomores, but, hey, same dif), and I spend a lot of the day not expressing my thoughts and feelings, but rather redirecting theirs.

So here I can talk, about presidents and purls, sisters and stitches, Jane Austen and folk shawls, Tolkien and textures, and anything else that crosses my mind.

Stay or don't, but I'm looking forward to this. A post a day? One can only grade for so long.

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Hannah said...

Sorry I haven't checked in earlier...this blog is quite cool. We can only hope there would be such a writer/thinker/blogger as you who posted every day!