December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This year, as I've experienced childbirth and being a mother, I am even more blown away that our Lord and Savior came to earth as baby boy. I now know what Mary had to do to take care of Christ, from tending to his circumcision, to feeding him, changing his nappies, and seeking to soothe his cries, and I am humbled and awed that Jesus came down in such a vulnerable form to save us. In winter, when we most need light and joy, we can celebrate this amazing salvation.

When Lincoln has fussed over the past (almost) seven months, one of our favorite things has been to sing "Come, Thou Fount," which serves the dual purpose of calming me down as well as him. Today, and all days, I especially think of the second verse: Jesus sought me when a stranger, wandering from the fold of God, he to rescue me from danger, interposed his precious blood. I picture not only Jesus, but God the father, rescuing us from danger as we wander, just as I would rescue my son.

May your time with family (I have 17 people descending on my house!) be peaceful, joyous, and may you remember your children, or childhood, and think of small Jesus, coming to rescue us from danger.

December 24, 2009

Cutie Pie Thursday: Christmas Picture Outtakes

Why are you trying to take my picture when I have a cold? Can't you just cuddle me?

I hear your funny noises, mama, but I refuse to look. My blanket is just too interesting.

This is what I think of your photography, mama!

I see you, mama. I am going to stare you down.

December 19, 2009

Lining a Hat

A question was asked about lining the half-birthday hat, so I thought I'd post a few things. First, I'm no sewing expert or hat expert. The directions in the pattern said to lay the hat on the fleece and cut around. So, I did that. I then whipstitched the side seam of the lining, pushed the lining into the hat, and started whipstitching. I used plain old thread, black, and it hid right in there. I followed the edging, turned the hat inside out, and then stitched around the inside. It went fast, and is surprisingly sturdy. It doesn't look gorgeous, but it works!

Stay tuned after Christmas for pics of all my Christmas knitting--if all goes well over the next six days, four people will be getting knitted gifts! An all-time record!

December 17, 2009

Cutie Pie Thursday: Going Bananas

We've begun working on solid foods--a new and exciting frontier. Prior to this beginning, the wee lad was happy to sit in his high chair and play with toys.

As you can tell, he's not sure about what is going on. Mashed bananas looked fun in the bowl, but why is mama trying to put them in my mouth?

I think I'll spit them back out. And look very distressed.

Two days later, we try again--success! He likes bananas! Of course, he also then gets Mr. Cool's cold, so we are a bit sick, tired, and snuffly. More solid foods to come--we'll keep you posted!

December 12, 2009

Just for Fun

He may be getting tired of getting bundled up.

December 10, 2009

Cutie Pie Thursday: Half-Birthday Hat

A new tradition: every year, on his half-birthday, my son is going to receive a hand-knitted hat. I love to knit hats, I love him, so it's perfect! This year I was a bit late, but I had the idea only a few days before his half-birthday, so I think I did okay.

While he's not entirely sure about wearing this hat, it should keep him warm. It's the Itty-Bitty Hats Inca Snowflake, knitted in Noro Kureyon and lined with fleece. Lining a hat was a new challenge, as was embroidering, but they were good challenges, that made me feel as if my brain still works.

I think he might like it a little.

Update: The hat kept him quite warm, as we braved the cold on a diaper run!

December 03, 2009

Cutie Pie Thursday: Decorating the Tree

What is this? Does it go in my mouth?

Why am I hanging it on this tree? Oh, well, I guess that's what Daddy wants me to do. I heard Mama telling him that he needed to help me like Christmas and not be a huge Scroogey McGrinch like him, so I'll help Daddy out. I like Mama, and I want to be Lincoln, not Scroogey McGrinch. I'll hang this thing on the tree. Maybe I can put it in my mouth later.

December 01, 2009

A Published Author

If you can find a Denver Post today (Tuesday), and find the lifestyle section, and read The $25 Haiku, you will read my first published work of "literature." I wrote the winning haiku on the theme of yarn:

My small son watches
Yarn twisting 'round my needles
His green hat growing

This has been a very exciting occurrence for this stay at home mom!