March 16, 2008

Why, Yes, I Do Knit a Bit

Before I return to my regularly scheduled grade production, I finally visited my sister (the sole recipient of my decent finished knit objects), and obtained some pictures. I must confess that yes, I have only finished two nice objects--a novelty ribbon yarn scarf, and a Patons SWS iPod cozy (based a bit on a Stitch n' Bitch design). (Wait! I made Hnnh a headwarmer! Hah! Three nice pieces!) I have three higher level items on the needles--a stole, knitted toilet paper, and a Ravenclaw scarf--but it might be a bit before they are done.

Sarah's Ribbon Scarf
Here it is, on the model, and in its natural habitat, a giant CostCo container of the fabulous Jelly Belly.

Sarah's iPod Cozy
I made this out of Paton's Soy Wool Stripes, in a bit of a rasberry chocolate colorway. I experienced my first real finishing and blocking on this project, and of course, it multiplied in size and is a bit big for her iPod Nano. I show it here with my iPod modeling the cozy.
Bear with me as I work out my camera and loading pictures into blogger, but here are a few of my knitting projects. I am now feeling a bit sad that my three carefully completed projects were all gifts! I must be a nice person! (Cue maniacal laughter.)


Hannah said...

What in the sam hill is "knitted toilet paper?" I'm imagining the adult version of cloth diapers. Must wash in hot water.

Amanda said...

In response to Hannah, it's from a knitted toy pattern--it looks like toilet paper, but it has faces on the sheets and is a quirky toy. I got the pattern from mochimochiland.

Hannah said...

You'll have to post pictures when you're done!