August 31, 2009

Back to Work...

Well, its about time. I head back to work tomorrow, the first day of work since July 12th. For those of you who haven't followed this story, my absence from work was not by choice. My Ortho has cleared me to start working 4-6 hour days for the next couple of weeks. Since I'm 6-8 weeks from walking, running, tackling, wrestling, and using the tools of the trade above - my Deputy Bureau Chief has found some some "data entry" work over at Admin. It may not sound like fun, and probably won't be - but it will be great being back to work and off the couch! (counter-intuitive I know)

The best part - real activity and building stamina and strength while getting paid actual money.
The Worst part - I had to shave my surgery beard (pictures to follow in stages of deconstruction), and continue to shave cleanly for work daily.

August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The New Cool and me celebrate Mr. Cool's aging--here come the 30s! I love you, my dear, and look forward to my six days of being younger than you. May we all read together for many more years.

August 18, 2009

1st Day of School

So, tomorrow is the first day of school for students at my old school. I could be hanging posters, readying lesson plans, copying syllabi, and writing on my white board. Instead, I'm taking care of my two guys, feeding them, changing one of them, doing their laundry, and playing with rattles and Wiimotes. It's fun, and I love them tremendously, but every now and then, I miss my old job, primarily the intellectual stimulation. I have managed to finish three books this summer, well off my usual summer number, but pretty good for a new mom, I think.

Watching the new Cool grow and change--he will now happily entertain himself with mobiles and activity gyms, smile willingly, hold his head up, and talk happily--is amazing, and I know the older he gets, the more I'll use my brain. My biggest consolation and reward is his amazing cuteness. He is so adorable--I know I'm his mom, but I hope some of you agree!

My two guys catch some Zs.

The wonderful world of footed sleepers--with owls!

Observing the camera, and mom

August 14, 2009

New Bone Growth and Telemundo

Well, for those of you who are tracking my progress, today was my 1 month appointment with my surgeon Dr. Baer. Apparently, my progress is better than he hoped. Almost all my swelling is gone, and my joint mobility is where it should be. The pain I'm experiencing is normal and within the acceptable parameters for this type of injury. Apparently numbness and flashes of heat is normal. My clavical is in allignment, and he is happy with my range of motion (since it is not his pain when I move).

I suppose the surreal aspect of this trip is looking at x-rays of my bones still in pieces and hearing that "everthing looks good." Next week I can start physical therapy. In two weeks I can start back to work 4-6 hrs/day (chair bound only), and hey I might even be back to work full time by mid-October.

I take this news two ways: 1) I am encouraged that I'm healing well, and maybe even faster than the doctor projected, but 2) I'm only halfway (minimum) through this rehab and slip in and out of minor depression and serious frustration. I know I'm lucky to be alive and live in a country with quality doctors, and I have health insurance. A little perspective helps, I know.

But I think what really gets me, is that the other day while chair bound with my leg elevated I could have watched Germany play Azerbaijan on Fox Sports in english, but I was forced to watch Mexico vs. United States on Telemundo in Spanish. I know many Americans have little patience for Soccer, but at least take a little pride in our national team and celebrate it by that great American pastime of watching TV in the middle of the afternoon. Seriously, I was able to watch an hour of pre-game hype on an ESPN special, but no english speaking network cared enough to broadcast the game. A little off topic, but even the little things are more annoying when bored and restless.

August 11, 2009

Four Weeks

Well, it's been four weeks since my incident and ensuing surgery. I'm doing better, feeling stronger, and am enjoying all the extra time with Lincoln. I meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon on friday to find out how long it will actually be before I can head back to work.

For the time being, I'll focus on how to pay for the $16,185 (pre-insurance) bill from the helicopter transport company - thanks to the two of you played my pricing game.

August 10, 2009


For my friends and family in the educational field, I hope summer has treated you well, and that you are ready to start the school year!

August 06, 2009

"Come on down, you're the next contestent on the Price is Right!"

I don’t mean to bombard you with posts – but the truth is I’m bored. Most of my days involve sitting in a chair, or on the couching watching TV, reading magazines/books, surfing the interweb, and thinking about what could and should have been. The above in normal life is usually one of my favorite activities, but I’m on day 23 since my injury, and its getting old. It lacks activity, creativity, and is usually a passive activity. Which is why you get the following: a diorama slide show of that fateful day to include the expensive helicopter ride. Amanda says this evidence of my failure to cope or relive the bad parts, for me it’s just a creative outlet and a coping tool to laugh at mistakes you can’t take back.

I drew these myself – as you can tell from the 8th grade level of talent. Picture 1) I’m having a relaxing morning ride, 2) Oops, I’m bleeding from a broken leg, laying the road having rolled an ATV, 3) After 20 minutes, the FFL pilot finds a mountain meadow large enough to take off at altitude with my XL frame, 4) We land at the Medical Center of the Rockies 15 minutes later.

I talked to the Medivac company yesterday (Medtrans out of Missouri) – as they called to check on my satisfaction of the flight and professionalism of their crew (and I also assume to verify that I was still alive and able to pay). I had nothing negative to report, and their representative was very nice and helpful with my questions. Before I publish the actual cost (before insurance, and how I hope my insurance is kind), you should make a guess, it’s kind of fun. After giving an appropriate amount of time for guesses, I’ll let you guys know full bill.

I’ll give you some clues and make a better guess. The helicopter staged out of Erie, CO (about 20 miles south of Loveland), it was a 15 minute flight from Red Feather Lakes to MCR, medics took my vitals, provided an IV and a bag of saline, and gave me two doses of morphine. Don’t let my $$$ editorial comment of my last picture lead you astray, the total charge isn’t divisible by 3. The individual that guesses the closest to the actual cost without going over wins a shoutout from me!

August 03, 2009

Manly Scar equals Manly Flowers

No big deal really, just 15 stitches - but a sweet scar for the future. (Fibia stuck out the left side, while the Tibia stuck out the right side).

Cool flowers with a manly and frontier style, from Mrs. Cool's Grandparents and Great Aunt Caroline. Thanks, I'm digging the boot vase!