March 27, 2008

Wait a Few Minutes

A common refrain in states/countries with varying weather is the comment, "If you don't like the weather right now, wait ten minutes and it will change." This was somewhat true in my Wyoming childhood, but even more true in my Colorado adulthood.

See, yesterday it was 70s, sunny, and birds were beginning to chirp. I woke up this morning and it was rainsnowing with a bit of sleet and temps in the 30s. It hasn't changed in about two hours. I believe I deserve a mental anguish day for having to put up with this. I liked the weather yesterday! I didn't want it to change!

Mr. Cool has been diligently working on his guest blog, which hopefully will appear tomorrow, and on Saturday I'll be taking pictures of my knitting projects and my fabulous crafting desk.

So how to fill up today? With random thoughts of course! (I need some random thought theme music.)

#1: I have to admit, I just can't take American Idol anymore. I've hung in for a while, but I'm through. Mostly they just make me get out my IPod and listen to the good versions of songs.

#2: I'm beginning to get tired of the election. I've enjoyed it for a while, but I think it's time for a nice summer hiatus before the conventions. We need to recharge our interest in these people and events. I did hear an interesting report on NPR on the sounds of candidates last names, and how that plays into their likability. Apparently, we voters like names with a solid, DUH-duh (stressed/unstressed) sound, like Tru-man, Linc-oln, Ad-ams, Clint-on, Rea-gan. That sort of thing. Apparently, both Obama and Clinton (obviously), score higher than McCain, but as Hilary has been branding herself as Hilary, all bets are off.

#3: Eating healthy, non-processed food makes you feel healthy. Shocking, I know.

#4: When you've been working on a research project for over a month, and your teacher tells you every class for two whole weeks that you must have your list of ten sources by 3-26, you should have it. She's unlikely to be very sympathetic.

#5: is a time-sucking fabulous addiction. If you knit or crochet, check it out. You will have to get on a waiting list to join, but it is amazing.

#6: I still love The Simpsons. Even after all these years, nothing amuses me more. Nearly everything that happens to me I can relate to an episode of The Simpsons. I don't think that's necessarily good, but I do laugh a lot between 6-7 PM.

Thank you, and good day!


The Coach said...

I submit that a blog entry that is not typed while online is hardly a blog entry at all. There is a stream-of-consciousness-esque quality to blogging that deserves more than riddling confession to avoid riddling shrift.

P.S. my verification word is ffbco. Like KBCO.

Amanda said...

Um, I mean he's been diligently "thinking" while working the night shift. That, and assembling resources to back up his penny rant. Apparently, my verification word is tqdij, like, uh, nothing. (Mark says it's like TGI-McScratchey's.)

Yeah, my students give me a lot of riddling confessions. Especially today, when their Romeo and Juliet reading journals were due.

The Coach said...

TGI-McScratchey's - almost as good as Tipsy McStagger.

Free Wi-Fi at Burger King! Midway airport (where I'm picking up Stephanie's cousin for this venture to Chicago) has free Wi-Fi but pay parking. Lame. I spent $1.09 on a piece of "Dutch" apple pie instead of $4 to sit in my car for an hour.

pgvon - Rated PG for VONage.

Matty said...

I have nearly nothing to add...

I do think it's odd that everywhere I've lived or visited the locals say that the weather changes quickly. If that is the's just the nature of weather! That means that there is nothing inherently interesting about your local weather (nor those who experience it, most likely). I will say that Michigan (lake effect), Colorado (mountain effect) and the great plains region (blandness effect) have some pretty fast moving weather systems. I don't think that many places can match CO 70 degree winter days or our July snow storms for weirdness.

My verification is falcf..."Rock me Amadeuf!"

mark said...

Well said matt, on all elements of your comment.

yeqsw...yo quiro shredded wheat...