March 28, 2008

Me and Mr., Mr. Cool . . .

Mr. Cool is striving to be ready to guest blog soon. Since we are two months out from our sixth anniversary, I thought it might be time to share my:
Top Five Things Mr. Cool Does That I Pretend to Hate But Secretly Enjoy

#1: Every time he sucks me into an episode of Modern Marvels, relying on my natural and geeky curiosity to propel me into watching the history of glue.

#2: The fact that every time I organize an Oscars picking contest, or an NCAA bracket, he beats me. He beats me even though I do research and care much, much more than he does.

#3: He gets crumbs everywhere. He cannot eat any type of food without scattering crumbs thither and yon.

#4: One of his favorite things to do is to fly model airplanes. Not outside, though, but on a computer game/program with a special joystick device. That's right, he flies model airplanes on a computer.

#5: While he might deny it, the truth is he is a blanket hog. A mathematician/scientist may work this out to a complex mass/velocity equation, but the reality is he always has more covers unless I stoop to stealthy maneuvers.

Stay tuned for Mr. Cool's "Those Aren't My Pants!"

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