August 28, 2011

Knit On, With Confidence and Hope, Through All Crises

The title quote, from patron knitting saint Elizabeth Zimmerman, have defined my weeks of worry over my family. I have a few completed items to show. A chunky knit--headband in Malabrigo chunky, colorway "Dusty Olive" or as I named it, "Girly Camo." Quick and fun.

Above and below, a sweater vest for Lincoln. It's a bit big, but that's better than small with a baby, and he doesn't like it. Yet. (Oh, I hope it's Yet!)

A Candle Flame Cowl in lovely natural cormo. More better pictures to come (I'm tired and my English teacher is about to wear off.)

August 26, 2011

Cutie Pie Friday: New Cousin!

Guess who we met today--our new cousin Ellis! Welcome to the world, little guy! Lincoln can't wait to teach you about cars and horses!

August 25, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: A Real Live Horsie

Waiting with Grandad Philip while the miniature horse, Little Blue Chief, gets saddled.

A full view of the intrepid cowboy (wearing his hat and boots!) being led around the corral.

Jacob worried he was a bit scared--no, he just had in intent, intense look on his face. He was concentrating, taking this in--maybe there was a bit of fear, but mostly he was absorbing this new experience.

Grandad Philip was there guiding and helping the whole ride.

Running through the corrals post-ride, getting his boots all dusty.

August 18, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Splashin' & Boostin'

Mr. Cool and Lincoln had a fabulous time at the Funplex pool last week! The sunlight made it tricky to get pictures, but here we see the wee lad working on his water basketball skills.

I love my boys so much--they are both so fearless and brave! Lincoln was sliding and splashing with abandon--it's time for a mom and tot swim class!

And we have moved out of the high chair into a booster seat! We just ordered one from a restaurant supply (we didn't boost one--tee-hee!), and he loves it. He is ready to sit at the table with Mama and Daddy!

August 16, 2011

Adorable Shawlette Seeking Better Photos

I love this shawlette--these pictures are terrible! I promise better pictures soon! I just had to document this now as a finished object--it will get a lot of fawl/winter wear--it looks great as a scarf too!

Figurehead Shawl by Alexis Winslow, knit in a purply and a teal Spud and Chloe sweater yarn. Bonus--washable wool/cotton! Love!

August 15, 2011

Thought About Running While Sitting Still

  • I first really ran in 2004, for one magical spring/summer. It was amazing--I ran with a Discman (dating myself?) and my favorite thing to run to was Disc 2 from my Jackson Browne set. It had "I'm Alive," and "I am a Patriot" on it, two of my favorite Jackson Browne songs. There is something very powerful about running outside while listening to the line: "And the river opens for the righteous . . . And the river opens for the righteous . . . someday"

  • I ran at night a lot then, as I had no kiddo to take care of--my biggest memory was running one evening, and in the cool breeze of late summer, running non-stop for five miles, my best ever, which included three glorious laps around my favorite park. I felt alive.

  • I stopped running because I lacked willpower, and teaching has always consumed my energy.

  • I started running again this year with the Couch to 5K program and some great podcasts. I loved it--even though I was slow. I was at the second-to-last week and 28 minute/2 mile + runs when I had to quit denying my foot pain. After three weeks of doctor visits/x-rays/MRIs, the doctor confirmed what I had already found on webmd--I had a stress fracture. I am now condemned to 8 weeks of boot-wearing, and a slow return to exercise.

  • In a painfully ironic twist, my new subscription to Runner's World (a birthday gift to myself) arrived the week I started wearing the boot.

  • I know I can come back, but I miss my fledging runner's high--I miss the hope that once again I would be circling the park at twilight with a summer breeze cooling my sweaty neck.

  • I was reading today about Roger Bannister, one of my runnng heroes, and learned that he has not even jogged in 36 years, due to a shattered ankle recived in a car accident. Wow--that blew my mind. Roger Bannister (google if you don't know his significance) can't run. I know I can, again, and soon. By Christmas maybe I'll even be back at the same spot in my Couch to 5K journey.

  • My big, lifetime running goal is to run in at least one marathon. I'd also like to run in the DisneyWorld 1/2 or full marathon. The characters cheer you on!

  • I also want to run a 5K with my son, who misses me chasing him around during this period of limited movement.

  • Before you start running, it is easy to be still, lazy, a bit of a couch potato. After you run, forced stillness hurts. I know there are worse things, I know that I will soon run and not grow weary, but still.

  • I miss you running--don't you forget about me.

August 13, 2011

Manos Hat Sessions

For my Manos Contest Hat (more details in September), I wanted to do some special shots with a special model--Sista Cool. I bribed our young charge with smoothies.

The tough thing about shooting a woolen hat in August is finding a way to not make it look too out of season. However, I didn't ask pregnant Sista Cool (due in a few weeks!) to wear a sweater.

I felt the train depot was a bit all-seasons.

I also like this cool climbing wall at a local park--I think this will be a new favorite for my FO photo shoots. Blank, but not too blank. I think Sista Cool looks great in this shot as well!
A rather nice profile shot--thanks for being a great model, Sista Cool!

August 11, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Carrying On

What should we do next seems to be my battle cry these days--although, I try not to get too burned out when my demanding boss is so cute!

August 02, 2011

Me, Knit Hats? Why, of course!

I made up the pattern and knitted these top two hats for a contest. I'll let you know how it turns out!

This cute little hat is for a baby girl in the family! (I had to resort to knitting a hat for a distant cousin in order to make one for a girl!