October 26, 2011

Cutie Pie Wednesday: Early Snow

I woke from a dead sleep at 3 AM this morning to discover the power was out and there was a ton of snow outside. Our power came on around 1 PM, and the snow just quit gently drifting down, but I think it's safe to say we got around a foot of snow. Lincoln was ready to enjoy it.

Dad helps get him strapped into his snow pants. Lincoln learned that suiting up for snow is a serious business.

As Lincoln lounges on the bench on the porch, you can get a real sense of how deep the snow was around here!

Flomping in the snow was just about as good as flomping in the pillows!

Daddy helped teach Lincoln about the joy of a snowball!

He liked scooping and tossing the snow!

He tried a little shoveling, but it was just too deep and wet!

His mittens got pretty caked with snow--it's tough to tell where they end and the snowball begins!

My adventurous lad surveys the scene--it was tough to get him to come on in!

October 20, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Bundles

The temperature may have dropped a bit here, and some members of the household may take umbrage at my thermostat dictatorship.

October 13, 2011

Cutie PIe Thursday: Productive Interaction

Painting with dad, using the classic paint with water.

Reading with mom before bedtime--if you are noting titles, we are reading the Golden Book retelling of Toy Story--there will be two more books read after this! We love all the "big kid" interaction we keep getting to have with Lincoln! It's amazing! And more will be coming!

October 10, 2011

Just In Case; or, Fun with 500; or, Everyone's Doing It

Just in case Mr. Cool ever becomes president, I have a very first-lady-ish hobby going.

There are dozens of photos of Eleanor knitting. She was always knitting. Especially on planes. It would be amusing to see her deal with the TSA today about her knitting needles.

This is Grace Coolidge, wife of Calvin Coolidge, for those of you who didn't automatically recognize her. She loved to knit as well. She also crocheted--including a coverlet for the Lincoln Bedroom.

In fact, as I celebrate my 500th post on this blog, loads of people love to knit (or at least pretend.) Check it out!

October 09, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Fall Color Explosion

I hope everyone gets a chance to see some gorgeous fall leaves this year--I'm not very good at photographing the beauty we saw. My favorites are a flash of golden leaves trapped in a green conifer zone.

October 08, 2011

A Trip to Taos: See-Saw & Swim

Lincoln and I go to a lot of parks, but a piece of vanishing playground equipment is the see-saw--in Taos (in a fantastic playground right next to the Wool Festival) he was able to discover a see-saw. After he and Mr. Cool worked out their technique, he loved it. Where have all the see-saws gone?

He also discovered that classic of all road trips--fabulous pool lounging!

But most of all, he loved splashing in the pool. The first time, he was all about splashing mama--we were both in hysterical giggles.

The second time, it was all about splashing with his "new green tugboat!"

October 07, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Fibery Loot

This may not seem like much loot, but there are two reasons: I stuck to my budget, and I picked up a fair number of gifts, which will be revealed at a later date.
This was my favorite booth--I've purchased from them before at Estes Park, and I love the colors and softness of their yarn. I got there early, and so didn't have much of a crowd to fight through to make my selections.

I'm sorry my yarn pics aren't better--this skein is gorgeous. It's named turquoise, and I picked it up as my "souvenir" skein, and I have already picked a shawl to make out of it called Arroyo. Perfect, huh?
This lovely "graphite" skein is destined to become another shawl--one of my purposes at the wool festival was to find a great grey for an everyday shawl, and this fit the bill.

I had not been to this booth before, but it became a favorite. The owners/dyers/workers/whoever was running the booth was delightful, and their colors were gorgeous, and their wool affordable. Trifecta!
I have been oddly drawn to neon colors recently, so I couldn't pass up this skein. When I bought it, one of the workers said, "Ah, the OMG skein." I was also informed that it will fluoresce under a black light. I really want to knit it under a black light now!

I think I have enough for a nice hat or cowl to sear people's eyes with this winter!

Mark's favorite vendor was selling "Taos Tortillas"--placemats, potholders, and napkin rings made of scorched 100% wool felt. They are really awesome--that looks just like a tortilla, doesn't it? We think we need some cactus or chili pepper salt and pepper shakers to complete the table with that.

I really, truly loved this festival, and I can't wait to go again--I think I need to make a trip with my knitting group, one with my sister . . .

October 06, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Wool Festival Overview

The festival vendors were laid out in a lovely circle around this huge, gorgeous park. It was easy to wander and browse, and there were a ton of fantastic vendors. I'll get more into those later!

It was a beautiful day--clear and sunny, with enough of an early chill that I was able to wear a shawl comfortably, and declare myself one of the knitters!

Lincoln liked the brown sheep--and climbing gates!

October 05, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Taos Cow Blows Our Minds

When looking for recommendations on Taos, Taos Cow kept coming up. It's actually in Arroyo Seco, about 20 minutes from Taos, but if you are in the region--go. Just go.

Lincoln loved all the cows, and as soon as we walked in and he spotted the ice cream, he wanted ice cream. We told him he had to eat something else first and led by example.

Mr. Cool had "the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had" with insanely good Thai coleslaw,
while I had Thai coconut curry soup, loaded with yummy veggies and intense flavor, and accompanied by awesome rye toast.

Mr. Cool and Lincoln with the ice cream beauty shot--you can see that Lincoln is really into this ice cream. From left, clockwise: Chocolate Mexican Chocolate, Raspberry, and Lavender.

We asked Lincoln if he wanted raspberry or strawberry, and he answered, "Chocolate." So that's what he got. It was yummy--almonds, cinnamon, fudgyness.

He also deigned to try some raspberry--the best fruity ice cream we've ever had, and the lavender which seriously blew our minds. Definitely worth the trip!

October 04, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Travel and Rest

Because Mr. Cool and the new Cool loved me, when I was unable to attend the Estes Park Wool Market, they agreed to take a long weekend and journey down to Taos, New Mexico, for the Taos Wool Festival in October. So, we headed out on a road trip, trail mix in our gyro bowls!

Lincoln is pretty excited here about two orange chocolates. It is, as all parents know, immensely fun to head out on the road with a kid who is old enough to enjoy trail mix, books, and other road fun.

We stopped at this veteran's memorial on the road, replete with a plane. Lincoln loved it, and cried to go back after we left. I hope he remembers his parents were willing to stop in the first place!

Our "new home" as Lincoln called, the lovely El Pueblo Lodge--large rooms, lovely staff, and green space all around for small boys to run around.

Fireplaces, grills, and chairs were scattered all over--truly a great place for families and others getting together. Lincoln had fun pointing out the suns.

October 03, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandad!

For my dad's big birthday this year, Lincoln and I headed north to pay him a visit. The wee lad then got the chance to drive a tractor with Grandad!

Two pretty happy guys!

A full view of dad's great restored tractor--he really liked the red and black and white tractor!