April 01, 2008

Mission: Curtains

So, we finished up the painting, and last night I entered into a mission to sew curtains. We bought a cheap-o sewing machine, and after spending thirty minutes trying to thread it, we had curtains! A nice grey twill. Today, we hang them, and then do some shopping!

Spring Break #3: Multiple Spring Breaks 1980-2007 Scottsdale, AZ
My great-great aunt & uncle purchased a place in Scottsdale in the 1970s or 60s, I think, and the consequence was that we spent many of our spring breaks there. The first pictures of me in Scottsdale involve a very small Amanda. I love it for the smell of blooming flowers, the palm trees, the swimming pool across the street, ice cream at the Sugar Bowl, mystery novels at the Poisoned Pen, shopping at the Scottsdale Galleria, breakfast at Randy's, and the memories. There aren't any grapefruit or orange trees in the backyard anymore, but it still reminds me of trips with my parents, sister, Aunt Margie and Uncle Earl, and my grandparents.

Waving at Mark, with palm trees and the swimming pool in the background!

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