October 27, 2012

Scenes From a Busy Week

1. Reading in bed--reading the three little pigs led to playing it as a game, with Lincoln and I alternating the role of wolf. While I huffed and puffed, he would just blow stuff down.
2. Finally getting to use the small cart on a hot cocoa run. He then picked his cocoa, put it in the cart, and did all but pay.
3. Trying out his knight costume before Trunk or Treat. Once there, though, he just wanted to watch the other kids from inside our truck. It was pretty cold.
4. Loving his first Greeley snow of the winter. "What?!" he said that morning, "It snowed in Greeley?!"

October 20, 2012

Halloween Goodies

1. Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats
2. Meringue Ghosts
3. Marshmallow/Pretzel Skeletons

Someone is finally super into holidays. It's going to be a pretty fun few months!

October 19, 2012

Should I Feel Bad About Selfish Knitting?

I know the stores have started thinking about Christmas, as lights, crafts, and decorations are already in the aisles. Many knitters I know have probably already started thinking about Christmas gifts as well. I have a pretty big stack of things I am planning to knit, whether or not it is actually realistic goal.
I do want to shower the people I love with knitting, but last week I grew disgruntled with all of my gift projects. I wanted to knit something for myself! After all, I am the person who most understands what goes into my knitting.
I wear the stuff I make, I have chosen colors and styles I particularly like, and this time I felt I had a need. All of my hats are warm and woolly, but it hasn't been warm and woolly season here yet. And my hair has reached an awkward stage of growing it out. I needed a light, comfortable hat to wear even when the temperature was in the 60s. So I made myself a hat.
I finished it in less than a week! I am wearing it right now, and enjoying it a lot. So should I feel bad about selfish knitting? Should I just buckle down to the Christmas knitting, or should I allow myself a few more selfish knits this season?

October 13, 2012

A Small Boy's Favorite Thing . . .

to make in the kitchen is Rice Krispie treats! Lincoln was a great sous chef, measuring marshmallows and cereal, unwrapping butter, and adding food coloring--these were special Halloween treats!

October 09, 2012

Fall Travels: Whew

Fall Travels, Stop Six: First Snow at the Ranch

On our way back, we stopped at Grandad Cool's ranch, where the weather treated Lincoln to something that he had really been looking forward to: throwing snowballs, building a snowman, and drinking hot cocoa.

Fall Travels, Stop Five: Mammoth Site

Did you know that near Hot Springs, South Dakota there is an ancient sinkhole from which they have excavated 60 mammoth skeletons? Well, there is--and you get to tour a bone bed. Pretty neat.

Fall Travels, Stop Four: Mt. Rushmore

I have always thought that there was something truly audacious and powerful about Mt. Rushmore. Mr. Cool and I talked about its power as art--the setting, the design--and it was lovely in the fall, with a few drifting snowflakes. Lincoln learned a lot about Abraham Lincoln, but I think his favorite part was pushing the pretend dynamite plunger to set off videotaped explosions!

October 08, 2012

Fall Travels, Stop Three: Custer State Park

We took the wildlife loop and scenic highway through Custer State Park, on our way to Mt. Rushmore. It was a beautiful drive through a huge (71,000 acre) park. Calvin Coolidge used to summer there when he was president! We saw wild burros, loads of buffalo, and climbed rocks in gorgeous settings. Next trip, I think we will stay there!

October 07, 2012

Fall Travels, Stop Two: Wind Cave National Park

Just outside of Hot Springs, South Dakota, we found one of the largest/longest caves in the world. Lincoln and I ventured into a cave for the first time, and it was spectacular. We went down 300 steps, over 200 feet under the earth.
1. Pictures from inside the cave highlighting the boxwork and popcorn calcium deposits inside the cave. The boxwork is an incredible product if erosion, and Wind Cave has 95% of the world's boxwork.
2. Lincoln near the park sign--it was a cool morning and actually warmer inside the cave.
3. Mr. Cool and Lincoln wait by the elevator--they don't make you climb out!
4. We enjoy our first cave!

October 06, 2012

Fall Travels, Stop One: Brown Sheep Yarn Company

Just outside Scottsbluff, NE, you can find the factory for Brown Sheep Yarn, a local, homegrown, Made in America yarn company. Mr. Cool's hat for the winter is made of their lovely yarn. We didn't get on the tour this time, but I did find some great factory seconds yarn at $13/pound!