March 09, 2008

People Like Pictures

This is my birthday cake. Why is it here? Because the title of my blog refers to a line from The Lord of the Rings: Gandalf hands Frodo the recently heated ring and says, "It is quite cool." Of course, he's talking about the temperature, but many LOTR nerds (hey, buddies!) have adopted it as a phrase to express our feelings about LOTR.

So, the cake? My family and friend Hannah threw me a surprise golden birthday (I turned 28 on the 28th of the month) party, with a LOTR theme, and this is my one ring cake. It's quite cool.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we did not acknowledge your golden birthday!
Shame on us. Aunt Carolyn for the nixsix

Amanda said...

No worries at all! Thanks for reading!