March 18, 2008

The Perils of Last Hour Plan

For any secondary teachers out there, this will make sense. If you're not a member of our hardy tribe, read on, and let me know if this applies to you.

High school teachers are blessed with at least one period of planning time each day, depending on your schedule. This is time for you to plan for lessons, grade, accomplish administrivia, and work on anything you need to for your classes.

Today, due to our testing schedule, I have last hour plan. Usually, I have second hour, which is okay. Last hour plan, however, is a special thing. Either beloved or condemned, last hour plan frees you for a quiet, blissful time. From the end of third hour until the end of the day, I have no students. I love it.

It is not without its perils. The largest is this: you don't have to do anything immediately. Your next class isn't for at least eighteen hours or so. Today the perils are doubled--the quarter ended last Friday, so I have no pressing grading, and I have short and easy classes tomorrow due to testing.

What should I be doing? Planning ahead, getting a head start on something, being a productive member of the work force.

What am I doing? Well, blogging, obviously. When I'm done, I plan to knit. Ah, the glories of a last hour plan.

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