September 30, 2014

Long Time, No Blog: Update #3 (I'm still making stuff)

I've made more things than a hat these last few months. 
(I knit socks through three national parks!)
(I knit stockings for my cousin and his bride.)
(I knit mini rockets for my nephew Ellis's third birthday!)
(I made a quick baby hat for my dear Hannah's new baby.)
(I finished a long-gestating cross stitch project for Mr. Cool.)
(I made a great little cross-stitch project my sister gave me for my birthday.)

Long Time, No Blog: Update #2 (The New Cool Went to School!)

We have a schoolboy?!  It has been amazing to see Lincoln blossom and grow at kindergarten, although it is still terrible getting him up each morning.  I'm not really looking forward to the teen years!
(First day!)
(First in line!)

(The center is his first homework assignment!)

Long Time, No Blog: Update #1 (We went to South Dakota again!)

In August we ran up to the eastern side of South Dakota for the beautiful and fun wedding of my cousin Paul to his lovely and creative bride Alli.
Then, continuing our National Park visiting goal, we camped and hiked in the Badlands.
(A friendly group of Sturgis bikers snapped this picture!)
(The best thing about the Badlands is that you can hike all over!)
(Lincoln liked the sabercat skull with teeth marks.)
(We watched the super moon from our campsite!)
And then, we treated Lincoln to his third trip to Mt. Rushmore!
(He had to improvise binoculars.)
It was a great last trip of the summer, before we sent Lincoln off to school!