March 09, 2008

Pew Writing

John Meets Jesus--Take 2

I did not know him, but for the dove.

A bird, a voice speaking to me, the voice crying in the wilderness.

Pure, white, then light from clouds, just as white. "This is my son--I am well-pleased."

Joy, fear--the end of me is the beginning of Him.

But I did not know him, but for the Dove. I turned, spoke to my followers. "Be his--he is the Lamb of God--He takes away the sins of the world. Take His blood to complete my water."

I watched them hesitate, repeated myself, and looked at him--the light, the dove, the lamb.

I knew him--as I had leapt in the womb and first known him. The lamb!

I needed a locust.

I wrote this poem over three years ago--1-15-2005--while sitting in a church service. I like it more than almost anything I've written, so I thought it should be the first bit of writing I put up. The next poem was also written during that service. It was productive.

Facts & Figures

We can total up the world's population, food supplies, $, diseases, celebrities, weight, pets, race, gender--

But is there any way to total up the world's sin?

All of them?

Maybe a survey would help--

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