October 28, 2009

Evolution of Play

How did my shaker get on my foot? What should I do about that?

Ah-ha! I'll grab it off and put it in my mouth! Success!

October 26, 2009

Catching Up With My Little Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings! Lincoln enjoys playing pull the rings off with us--soon he'll be sitting!

What is this new and exciting thing? I think it's attached to me! He's just discovered his feet in the last two weeks.

The first snow--one of my boys likes it, the other one is reserving judgement. You can probably guess!

Bundled up to head outside and brave the cold as mommy goes to the library to get on the 'net.

October 13, 2009

My Last Doll, or A Fashion Show

One of the things that bummed me out the most about having an adorable son, instead of an adorable daughter, was the fact that I would not get to play with my American Girls dolls with my child. People have reassured me that boys can be nurturing—tucking in cars, carrying penguins, and asking for baby dolls. That’s all well and good, but if anyone is not familiar with the American Girls Collection, just check this out and then let me know if a red-blooded American Boy could get away with playing with these with his mom. Maybe in a darkened secret corner of our home.

Anyway, in lieu of that, I’ve enjoyed playing with my own American Boy, who came complete with a ton of great clothes. The wee one is now six inches taller than an American Girl, and we are just starting to enter a warmer world of clothing. So, instead of his traditional onesie, I present the new Cool in overalls, jeans, and pants. For now, I will enjoy dressing and playing with my own little doll.

Overalls and sweaters—a perfect, little, preppy ready for school!

Guitars are a favorite theme in our clothing—this one is as comfy as sweatpants, and involves the world of two separate pieces of clothing. (Mr. Cool took these, hence the shirt not quite pulled down.)

Hoodies and jeans—this will be his uniform in a few years, if male fashion doesn’t change a lot soon. His shirt reads, “Sleep, hugs, and rock & roll.”

October 03, 2009

WiFi Nomad: medical update and National Parks

Well, if you want cute pictures - scroll down. Being subservient to free wifi, I'm now on my second coffee lounge (starbucks tucked into the "other" safeway) to get some working wifi.

My leg is getting stronger, walking without the air cast, and actually doing normal activities such as: walking up and down stairs, working 8 hour days (2/3 of my normal 12.5), holding my son standing up, changing diaper (no plural - about 1/day), driving a stick shift, making dinner, emptying the dishwasher, and I've even managed to complete some preliminary wood work in my shop.

My recovering is going well, but I've got another 4 weeks or so before I'm back to work full-duty and full-time. Mrs. Cool is ever patient and supportive - which means I'd better start saving up for our 10th Aniversary trip to where-ever she wants to go.

On a side note, while resting my leg after work - I've been able to catch most of Ken Burn's new documentary on the U.S. National Park System - and am enjoying it thoroughly. Well worth your time, and "free" on your local PBS. I've been to a few National Parks: Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Sand Dunes (although not since it bacame a park - it was only a lowly nat'l momument at the time), Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, the Lincolm Memorial and the various other national monuments such as Capulin, Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, and mulitple natinoal battlefields and historical sights that are covered under the park service. I've loved them all, and appreciated them enough at a young age to want to return again at an age when I will really appreciated what they now represent.

My shame in failing to know about Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Park in my own home state of Colorado was guickly overcome with my desire to soon enjoy the beauty that is God's creation as soon as I can get there. I've never been to the Tetons either (at least I don't remember being there although my dad may disagree), Glacier, or Yosemite - but I will get there someday. It's amazing how many I have bypassed by driving by or through and never game them a second thought. I've driven through Utah 5 or 6 times and never stopped at any one of the many Parks. I've bisected Petrified Forrestion NP 3 times on the I-40, but never ventured 5 miles off the interstated.

When I was young, my dad and mom bought my brothers and I NP Passports - I still have mine. My oldest brother has kept this tradition alive with his 7 year old son with gusto and enthousiasm, and I look forward to doing the same with Lincoln. I've never been disappointed by the parks or momuments and I plan to visit 4 in the next 12 months - the American Haj (spl?) to the natural temples celebrating God's creation.

Want to come with?

October 02, 2009

Four Months Already?! Or, Typing One Handed

The 4 Month picture

Already starting to inch his away across the mat.

Smiling at yelling up at me

Looking very grown up in jeans and a buffalo shirt