August 27, 2008

Ready for Hogwarts!

Mr. Cool received a special birthday gift--his very own Hogwarts scarf, in Ravenclaw-ish colors. I had to knit like the wind the week before his birthday, but I finished! He was totally surprised, as he hadn't seen me work on it in weeks.

Ready for those cool morning motorcycle rides!

A warmth close-up.

Pattern: House Scarf, Year 1-2 by Lauren Kent, in Charmed Knits
Yarn: Cascade 200 in Charcoal & Blue Velvet, 2 skeins each
Modifications: I used the large width, but the small length, and I left off the fringe, as Mr. Cool deemed it not very Mr. Cool-ish.
Mr. Cool's Reaction: "Awesome! It connects the of two houses of Hogwarts--the cunning and ambition of Slytherin and the raw intelligence of Ravenclaw."

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Lynn Trew said...

It looks gorgeous!! Such even stitches I can tell even from the picture!!! Don't you have a birthday tomorrow?!?!? Happy day! We think you are an awfully special and talented lady!!! Love from the KKrew!