August 25, 2008


The Olympics are over. Wow--seventeen days went by quickly. I don't even know what I'll watch tonight, without the Olympic games. I just hope I can make to February 2010 in Vancouver!

I now present my favorite moments of the 2008 Olympic Games.
1. All the big, rich NBA athletes stringing their Olympic gold medals around the neck of my favorite coach, Duke's Coach K. Coach, if I can swing it, I will name my firstborn son Krzyzewski in honor of you.
2. Michael Phelps's mom, an elementary school principal, in get-ups I recognized from fellow teachers.
3. The pure excitement of the kayaker from Togo who won his country's first medal, a bronze.
4. All 4 ft. 9 in. of Shawn Johnson marching in the closing ceremonies.
5. Thirty-something Laura Wilkinson, 2000 gold medalist, cheering on all of her fellow divers. You are a class act.
6. Forty-one year old Dara Torres royally ticked that she lost the gold medal. Competitive spirit has no age limit!

I could go on and on--what were your highlights?

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