August 17, 2008


This video, masquerading as a Nike ad, but so much more, is going to be my theme for this year. It features the song, "All the Things That I Have Done," by the Killers, a band on my all-time favorite list. Please watch this, and wait for the end--I usually have chills or tears, and I hope you do to.

Currently Watching: Men's 100 M Dash Final--fastest man on earth time. Published while at church! (Miracles of technology!)


Hannah said...

totally, my favorite olympics ad and killers song, too

on par with "bittersweet symphony" nike ad with brett favre run during superbowl xxxi

Hannah said...

i tried to find it again, i haven't yet, but it was suberbowl xxxii

what if usain had tried?

Amanda said...

I know--amazing how fast he was! Wow!