August 08, 2008

A Package from the Faroe Islands

My last swap, undertaken with childhood pal Abby, who is currently residing in the Faroe Islands, involved me begging for some yarn from that delightful place, which shows up in many knitting books. Abby was friendly enough to agree, and this week I found another delightful package on my doorstep.

Within, much knitterly goodness--a fabulous pattern kit to construct beautiful brown gloves with wooden buttons--I can hardly wait to start deciphering the Faroese and cast on, gorgeous bluey/greeney Lopi yarn from Iceland which I think is longing to join my hat collection, and, for Mr. Cool, a great Faroes/puffin patch for his patch collection. I have sent a bit of a package her way, and so ends my swapping for a bit!


Lynn Trew said...

How fun was that... Abby in practically the knitting capital of the WORLD! I would take the gorgeous gloves should you be looking for a place for them!

abby said...

I feel like it all looks a little modest compared wtih your German swap. I knew I should have included some dried fish. (Although it would have made your hat almost unwearable!)