August 03, 2008

The Knitting Scouts

Mr. Cool and I were talking about Boy Scouts last night, and how great an Eagle Scout I might have been, as I am easily motivated by rewards and badges, and am quite disciplined. So, Mr. Cool suggested, how about Knitting Scouts? We began to brainstorm the badges you could collect in the Knitting Scouts. Here are our current ideas:

*Project Completion Badges: Obviously, there would have to be badges for the various main knitting garments--one for hats, sweaters, scarves, socks (only awarded after the completion of a pair), shawls, wraps, cozies, dishcloths and so on.

*Public Knitting Badges: We would also award knitting badges for successful knitting in various venues. Stitch 'n Pitch (knitting at a baseball game) and other sporting venues would be recognized, along with knitting in modes of transportation (subways, cars, school buses). Special badges would be awarded for airplane knitting, involving getting your knitting past security and successfully knitting on the airplane without having your needles taken away.

*Yarn Badges: Spinners and dyers could earn badges for creating their own yarn, and the rest of us could earn badges for using different types of yarn successfully. (I'm picturing a sheep badge, an alpaca badge, and so on.) Maybe combining colors could even come into play on this.

*Yarn Store Badges: Badges would be awarded for the number of yarn stores visited during a yarn crawl, exceptional restraint (or exceptional bargain hunting) at a sale, or even managing to visit all the yarn stores in a single state.

I'm not sure where else to go with this idea, I don't know that I'll start the knitting scouts, or make badges, but it would sure be fun! Anyone else have badge ideas?

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abby said...

Badges for knitting with wool from different nations?

The Faroese badge will have a sheep and a puffin on it.

I am really glad you like your swap stuff. I am excited to see how you do on the gloves.

Usually mail takes between seven and ten days to get here from the U.S. We still have another month, so if you wanted to send something I am sure we would get it.

Do you have my address? I will try to e-mail it to you.