August 06, 2008

A Package from Germany

On Ravelry, one of my favorite groups is the Teachers Who Knit group. This summer, while most of us were on vacation, we decided to do a swap. Last week, my package arrived from Germany!

Inside was a "Start Socks Already Kit," beautiful "Summer Lavender" sock yarn for when I get good, a sheep-shaped soap, loads of yummy-smelling German tea, and the type of pens and pencils German students use. It was so fun to see the Deutsch version of an "English" parts of speech pencil. Oh, I also received a chocolate face mask, which I am going to save until the perfect time, and really fun and lovely stitch markers.

I think my swapping time is over for a while (I do have one more swap to share tomorrow), but it has been a wonderful way to share with people all over the world fun knitting things and ideas. It is truly a way to see how much you can have in common if you start with knitting.

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