August 09, 2008

For the Love of Bob

When I was in high school, I had a board in my room, like most kids, where I pinned up things that meant a lot to me. After the 1992 Olympics, that included a picture of Bob Costas. I recognize that this is not the normal guy teenage girls have a crush on. I was not a normal teenage girl.

I love his wit, his intelligence, his sports knowledge--I have always loved tracking Bob's sarcasm as the games go on--and Mr. Cool has always known that if Bob Costas showed up, I would probably go. He is the one celebrity crush of mine where I have never looked up his marital status. If I knew Bob was married, it would affect me in some weird way. If you know, don't tell me.

As I listened to Bob and Matt Lauer do a lovely job of obscure nation fact one-upping last night, I was reminded of all the reasons I love him. Call me, Bob, and I'll knit you a scarf for Vancouver.

Currently Watching: Women's Volleyball--Beach (Aussies vs. Russkies) and Indoor (Japan vs. USA! USA!)


Hannah said...

I'm watching Japan vs. USA right now. Com'mon girls.

How about Joshua Cooper Ramo. Talk about a China geek making it big! Though I guess we could argue he's already made it big, just now making it big in pop culture. I, too, enjoyed the parade of nations and joining commentary.

One of Abby's friends from China, who I met when I was there, said in an email last night, "And I bet you will also be glad to share the joy and testimony the splendid show !" Glad we can share the joy from afar, you and me, too.

Psyched2Knit said...

I had a thing for Bob too - I think it was his voice!

Hannah said...

Just watch BC interview GWB.

Who excuses the President from his interview?

Your crush since 1992.