June 30, 2008

The End of June--A Lament

For teachers who end school in May,
June delights in many a way.
Two months removed from August's bane,
when days of freedom start to wane,
June's every day is a breath of promise
free from student's negative comments.

But then--today! A horror indeed!
The calendar reads June Thirty!
In four scant days, the fourth of July,
when to summer we bid good-bye.
Everything now a rush to the start,
when freedom begins to depart.

You may argue we July have yet,
but I would make a quite large bet,
that school supplies in stores will be
before this doggerel you read.
But yes, I still have forty-one days,
before that back to school craze.

So now I make a solemn vow--
before summer takes its bow--
to live each day to its fullest extent,
and not wonder where the week went.
A scarf, a hat, something for fun--
for all I want is my knitting done.

If you read this, I'm impressed. It is pure and trashy doggerel. If only I could have lived in the Victorian era! Enjoy the last day of June!

1 comment:

Matty said...

I've skipped straight from the end of June to the beginning of July...my how time flies.

I think you should do a few "There once was a man from Nantucket," limericks.