June 02, 2008

Back to School

No, not really! Did I freak you out? Did you think that three months had magically passed? Nope, it's still June, I'm just back in class. I'm taking two free (yes!) classes this week, gaining a couple credits and having a nice time being the student. Although, being a student means a lot more sitting than I'm used to--I always understand why they must wander around.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I'm back at my old haunt of of UNC's Michener Library, studying the Library of Congress website and learning about how to teach primary sources. It's really fascinating, and to get y'all digging into a library with over 130 million resources and 530 miles of shelving, I'm providing some specialized links.

Interested in what happened today in history?

Want to check out knitters sending stuff to Abraham Lincoln?

Would you like to listen to an anti-Grover Cleveland song?

Last, how about a ton of pictures of people knitting?

Don't forget Mr. Cool's natural monetary enemy!

Seriously, check this website out. Tons of stuff to search through!

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