June 17, 2008

How Mr. Cool Spent Last Week

Mr. Cool is a shooting enthusiast, which simply means he shoots for sport. He doesn't shoot animals, only targets. He is always working on perfecting targets, spending many hours scribbling on graph paper, designing new targets. Last week he began work on his dream steel targets, and I thought those of you Mr. Cool fanciers might enjoy a shot of the man and his targets. The firearm he is shown with is an air pistol, that only shoots little yellow plastic thingies. To cap it all off, he is wearing an Army ROTC t-shirt and a cap that says "The Police."


Matty said...

Very nice. One of these days I'd like to make up my own targets but the steel and the welder are not so easy to come by.

When I first got my elk rifle I went out with a friend in Nebraska (because I bought it at Cabelas in Sydney) to sight it in. The first shot hit his target stand and snapped in clean in half. It was only about 3/8 inch thick, it was just random bad luck.

Jen Miller said...

haha! this is cute :)

My dad made targets. He had a metal one he put together much like Mr. Cool's swinging targets there, except it was all metal and had a round target that swung in the middle. We'd have to repaint the target a lot. It also had a support on top we could stick a can on. Dad took my brother and I target practicing when we weren't even old enough to hold a gun...he'd stand behind us and help. Fond memories :) I love target practice!

mark said...

Yes, finally, metal target dreams have come to fruition. I took me 4 years of planning and designing before I even bought the steel. After the steel was purchased it only took me 3 days to get a test set up, verify safety, effectiveness, and awesomeness of my designs.

I know they don't look might much, but MKI is 1/4" steel and only for .22LR, but MKII will be made entirely of steel (more design issues as I don't weld nor have access to a welder - so all components must be bolted together) and possibly accept larger calibers.

Matt, if you get this way sometime, we'll go shoot some steel. Jen, I'm glad to have such fond memories of target shooting - I wish more people could enjoy the simplicity of gunpowder and lead.

The Coach said...

Nice Hat. Also, I look forward to shooting at least some air-propelled plastic pellets at your targets next week.