June 19, 2008

Steamboat Wrap-Up

So, we were gone--did you notice? I sneakily had blogs ready to roll, and each afternoon enjoyed the fact that a blog was publishing and I wasn't around. We had a wonderful time in Steamboat, enjoying the clear mountain air, tourist traps, swimming pool, hot tub, and my favorite bookstore (Off the Beaten Path). We've been three times now, and we like it more each time! This year Mr. Cool finally got to do the Alpine Slide.
I got to enjoy my favorite breakfast fresh fruit parfait at Winona's. (Please, if you are ever in Steamboat, eat there. You won't regret indulging in anything on their menu.)

We drove back through Rocky Mountain National Park, a beautiful drive that scares the bejeebers out of me every time. We did notice a moose mix-up at their gift store.

And I'll close with the obligatory beautiful mountain pictures.

Steamboat Springs
Rocky Mountain National Park


The Coach said...

Awesome! I'm glad you had a good time. And I'm jealous about the Alpine Slide.

See you Tuesday.

Hannah said...

I miss you! Now that I'm in the habit of getting to see you every month, I'm starting to feel the pain of four weeks since the branding.

My mother and I want to do a Ellis/Kirkbride girl day down your way. I guess most of us could do a weekday, hopefully Sari has a day free sometime before July 6.

The picture of the parfait makes my mouth water.

Lynn Trew said...

I can remembr driving Trail Ridge with my sister-in-law and her white knuckling the arm rest while I was pointing out various mountains. I was whooing and ahhing and she was taking only little glances cause she was so scared and finally I asked if she liked it and she said "I'll think about it later."
So you aren't the only one who finds it scary! Looking forward to our day together before HEK leaves...