June 12, 2008

Updated! Rappin' LOTR

Hannah has just "forced" me to waste a good deal of time on youtube with Flight of the Conchords. If you have not similarly wasted time, and might like the 4th most popular folk parody duo in New Zealand, they are quite funny. In keeping a bit with my blog theme, here is a clip from their show that involves Lord of the Rings.

A few years ago, when first entering my LOTR craze, I discoverd the Lords of the Rhymes, with their first album, Straight Outta Hobbiton. I managed to find them still on the web--although there is a bit of a language warning on this one. If you remember Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, these might amuse you!

I had to edit this--after watching many FOC clips yesterday, I kept thinking Bret McKenzie looked familiar. I did some trusty internet searching, and was reminded that he played Figwit, a fan-favorite elf from the LOTR movies! He showed up briefly at the council of Elrond, and then in ROTK, he's the elf who talks to Arwen before she goes racing back! See--everything connects to LOTR!

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Jen Miller said...

I love Flight of the Concords! I need to buy the DVDs since we don't have cable.

I remember all those songs - good stuff!

This might not be that funny unless you've played World of Warcraft (MMO)...but maybe! Language also :)