January 20, 2009

TAMP: Baby, Baby, Pirate: Update Alert!!!

Well, it's official, the country has a new president, Secretary of the Interior, and I have renewed my interest in "pee tee-pees" and other baby schlock. Yes, another boy will enter the noble line that is my proud last name, but lets not let that get in the way of good post. Baby stuff is both awesome and awesomely disturbing, all at the same time.

In the same store one can get a matching velour sweat suit, a breast pump kit, and the requisite hip-hugger-low-rise-preggo panties that are all the rage with hipster mothers these days - you can get "Babies do Madonna" and "Big Bob Marley" - CD's for easy listening kids. Personally, I like me some Bob Marley, but I don't think I need a kids choir rehashing "Buffalo Soldier" or "Like a Prayer" infesting the development of musical taste in my child. Think on that for now, and I promise pictures of other notable schlock in future trips to "babies-R-commerce."

On another note, as consistent with my habit to say things that make people ponder my sanity - during our ultrasound today to confirm the sex of Lord Mountbatten (due date June 6th), Quite Cool and I were discussing the idea of gender norming and I stated that if she wanted to teach our boy to knit that would be fine by me. I see no need to keep him from this hobby, and while Quite Cool is in agreement - she is also aware how mean boys can be to non-normative stereotypes - so I say "you teach him how to knit, and I'll teach him how to stab those who make fun of him." Of course I say this jokingly serious, while the Ultrasound Technician just stops what she's doing and stares at me like I just yelled "those aren't my pants, and that's not my baby!" All in good days work - let the reign of boys continue...


Hannah said...

Yay for Master Cool!

Sailors knit, don't they, and what's tougher than a sailor?

The Coach said...

Congrats. What's tougher than a sailor? "In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas."

I'll finally get a chance to put my College Minor to work: I'll be using my Phys. Ed. Minor's subtitle - Coaching & Officiating Basketball - (and the knowledge aquired therein) while I create plays for the Pollard GlobeTrotters' on-court antics.