January 07, 2009

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Now that school is back in session, and I've been forced to put away my beloved jeans, I am in full-on maternity clothes. Yesterday, I was wearing maternity khakis with a top salvaged from my normal wardrobe. Today, I am going the Full Maternity, with pants and a top. Yes, the bump has grown, and it should be quite obvious to students and faculty that I am pregnant.

Of course, they've all known for a while, but now I'm starting to look like it. This is a big step--and to be honest, it makes me nervous. Soon, strangers at Borders and Target will know as well. I will have the international pregnancy sign--a bump and an empire-waisted top flowing gracefully over it.

I have really enjoyed the bit of secrecy my slow-showing allowed me to have--the fact that I knew it, but that person checking me out had no idea. In my top today, most people will have a clue. The questions will start--"When are you due?" "Is it a boy or girl?" "Are you excited?"--and, horror upon horrors, I may also be getting close to the belly-rubbing stage.

Shudder. As a private, not very touchy-feely person, I would really love to skip that phase. But it's coming, oh, I know it's coming. And I know I'll survive. I'll survive this whole new experience, and the reward is pretty dang awesome.

(Oh, and on a maternity pants note, I feel like I'm wearing sweatpants to school, only they are sweatpants that look like dressy pants. It is pretty awesome to have dispensed with buttons and zippers. Why can't they make these pants for non-pregnant women?)


Hannah said...

Oh, pics, please!!!

mr. cool said...

Physical external evidence will certainly betray your "condition," and while I can't stop people from asking stupid questions, I can invest in some sort of collapsible baton for you to carry, enabing you shattered their wrists if they touch without asking.

Or maybe a t-shirt that says "ask first - or get your wrist shattered." We could work on the language. Let me know...