January 15, 2009

Sticking to Goals

At the beginning of this semester, I had my students write goals. They had to be personal, achievable, and important to them. To model, I wrote my own goal: I would stay ahead of the grading. I even got specific--by each Friday, I will have all the work turned in by the previous Friday graded. (I hope that makes some semblance of sense.)

So, tomorrow is Friday, our first Friday to hand out progress reports. And the progress on my goal? Success! I have one more assignment to grade (for only two classes) and I will have everything turned in by this Tuesday graded! Only two weeks into the semester and my students will be receiving a progress report with three whole grades on it! I am giddy! (Can't you tell by the number of exclamation points?)

Will I be able to stick to this goal? I don't know. It has meant some sacrifices--I had to avoid cruising all my favorite blogs and Ravelry for a bit. I had to actually use copier time for grading instead of reading. But, as I told my students, all goals involve sacrifice. And a few lost hours of reading has led me to the free feeling that catching up on grades grants a person.

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