January 14, 2009

Designing Your Oval Office

President George W. Bush's Oval Office Rug

As we inch up on the Inaugural, one of the things that will be changing in the White House is the Oval Office. Each president gets to choose paintings, busts, desks, and the rug to fit his or her taste. George W. Bush really loved his rug, making it a focal point of his office.

Most presidents choose the Resolute desk, a gift from Queen Victoria, made out of timbers from the HMS Resolute, a ship that searched for John Franklin's ill-fated northwest passage and got stuck in the Arctic ice.
Typically, a portrait or bust of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln graces the room. The rug always features the seal of the United States--the eagle. Harry Truman changed to have the eagle facing the olive branch.

How would you decorate your Oval Office?

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