May 04, 2008

Sunday Picture-O-Rama

I couldn't find the camera cable for a while (Mr. Cool had helpfully put it away), so I'm behind on pictures! So, fun stuff, swaps, and finished objects abound today!

Swap: I participated in my first swap through Ravelry, and MichelleH sent me some great stuff, much of which has been eaten or put to use. I have a plan for the yarn that might involve Christmas! I loved this whole swap, and look forward to my next one!

Fun Stuff: Sophie the sheep is happy to welcome a new decoration to my knitting corner--a special gift from Hannah. It's a vinyl transfer, but instead of my wall, I've affixed it to lovely hyacinth plaque, so that it can move with me forever. Mr. Cool thinks it must have been specially designed for me!

A close-up of the way-too-perfect transfer!

Finished Object: I've finally finished my lovely stole, my first really big finished object! It's starting to get too warm to enjoy it, but I know I will as soon as it's cold.

I know this isn't the best picture, but it does give you an idea of the length. It's the same height as me, and the color looks much less stripey in real life, with a gentle color gradation.

As soon as I get really nice pictures of my work area, I'll be posting those. Posts might be few and far between this week, as I'll be grading up a storm, but I'll keep listening to NPR, watching the news, and reading blogs!


-abby said...

I don't know how serious you were about getting your hands on some Faroese wool, but maybe we can do our own little "swap". (Though I admit I am not familiar with exactly what that is.)


Hannah said...

'Manda, I'm glad the sticker is a hit - the glasses were such a perfect match - mounting it on the plaque was a fun idea!