May 06, 2008

Da-da-da, Da-da-da

Some of you might have had a tune pop into your head while reading the title of this post, and some of might be thinking this will be an article on the Dada art movement.

Nope. No such luck, my artiste pals. This is a post on the fabulous, addictive ESPN Sports Center. Yes, the iconic da-da-da signals a witty and fun whip through the previous day in sports. I watch mine between 4-6 in the morning, and my day is improved when I can catch the Top Ten Plays, in all their glory. Even better, a morning when John Anderson (my current favorite anchor) gets off a few zingers. Today's best? Steve Levy (his co-anchor), referred to him as Captain Geography. "I have a cape," replied Anderson. I laughed all the way to my toothbrush.

See, I love sports. My particular favorites are basketball and baseball, but I will watch just about anything. Mr. Cool has managed to get me mildly addicted to football in our years of marriage, and listening to Barry Melrose's deluxe Canadian accent (eh?) will make me care about hockey. To be honest, the only highlight I will avoid is anything to do with Nascar. (I'm paying $3.50/gallon, and there's a sport wasting gas?! Please tell me I'm not the only one who hates that.) Sports Center is my morning news, full of dunks, passes, drafts, jaw-dropping catches, witty hockey one-liners, and Bengals jail reports. (Sorry, cheap shot.)

Of course, if I see anything in the great side-menu that informs you what's next that concerns my favorite teams, (Colts, Celtics, Spurs, UWYO), I will postpone my shower. Nothing is more fun to watch while on the treadmill than other athletic feats. Sports Center anchors are erudite and fast-thinkers, starting off the day with a bunch of clever comments on the world of sports.

So, this morning, thanks to Sports Center, I can wish good luck to the Spurs (you can come back!), best wishes to the Celtics (only Ohio thinks the Cavs will win--show 'em who's boss!), a snide snicker to Ken Griffey, Jr. (robbed of 598, hee, hee), and a warning to John Anderson about superheroes wearing capes. See you tomorrow morning!


mark said...

Mildly addictive...excellent!!! AHHAAA, AHHAAA...(insert other appropriate sinister laughter here). Oh, and you forgot "Sports Night," the best sports related comedy EVER! It matches the passion of sports with the intelligent and witty humor of Aaron Sorken.

Amanda said...

True, true. Much love to Sports Night. And also to PTI, my favorite sports commentary show.