May 30, 2008

Happy Things

It just took me about three hours to get online, so hopefully I can finish and post this. I don't want to whine about how painful that "timed out" screen was, or how sadly addicted I must be to spend that much time trying to get on the Internet. No, I want to talk about two things making me happy this Friday.

#1: The Scripps National Spelling Bee
I loved competing in spelling bees when I was young (you already knew I was a nerd), and I have loved watching the national bee ever since ESPN started televising it. Sista Cool and I have especially fond memories of watching and trying to spell the word before it popped up on the screen. I'm watching the semis right now, and enjoying this year's nerdy kids, and Dr. Bailey's smooth pronunciation. The finals are on ABC tonight, so if you don't have plans, tune in. The spelling bee is riveting television. If you can't watch it tonight, rent Spellbound, a fantastic documentary about the world of spelling bee champs. Tomorrow, I'll have a longer post dedicated to the Bee on TV.

#2: My Sanctuary
This spring Mr. Cool helped me create a desk/crafting area in the closet of our guest room. I spray-painted an old black file cabinet purple this week, and the space is making me happy. I love its organizational features, and most of all, the fact that it is mine. I highly recommend peg board.

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