May 12, 2008

A Belated Mama Shout Out

I didn't blog yesterday, because I was with my mother, having a nice, delightful time. It is especially nice to have a mom who is completely satisfied just getting to see you for Mother's Day, although it might give you an exaggerated sense of self.

My mom is the best in the world--I know you might also think that, but I'm here to say you are wrong. You cannot beat my mom--she is an amazing, talented, thoughtful woman. She also has the same career I have, of sorts--she teaches Kindergartners--so we can always rant about our jobs together. She is the best baker in the entire world. If you think I am lying, ask someone who has eaten her food. She sews--she made bridesmaids dresses for both of her daughter's weddings. She is a hardcore prayer warrior. I could go on, but lunch break is about over.

So, mom, I love you so much! (I know, I know, other people's moms are great too. Share!)

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Hannah said...

At first I read that your mom was the best BANKER in the entire world, an honor I thought you'd reserve more for your father, but after a re-read, I second her as the best BAKER in the world. And a superspecial one of my 'other mothers.'