April 29, 2009

New Things Experienced

Until I became pregnant, I had never:
  • Chewed Tums: Heartburn had never been a problem for me. I think I'd maybe suffered from it three times prior to the pregnancy. (Hereafter, referred to as PG--parental guidance is needed.) Now, I find myself gnawing a couple Tums every night. I prefer wintergreen, and while I currently have generic, there is something to be said for the name brand. Old Wives' Tales hold that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will have on its head. I'm hoping for loads of curly hair. I want my own little hobbit.
  • Had Chubby Toes: Oh, plenty of the rest of me has been chubby, but never my toes. I loved my slender toes, and always showed them off with my own careful pedicures. Now, although I haven't had much swelling, my toes look chubby to me. I've still got them polished, but I miss my slim footsies.
  • Stayed Away from Diet Coke: I am currently looking at 34 weeks without even a sip of a Diet Coke. If you know me, you know I have a deep and abiding love (addiction?) to Diet Coke, and let's be honest, Diet Dr. Pepper. I have kept myself clean for the wee one, partially because of the caffeine, and partially because of the aspartame. I am looking at another year, at least. I think longingly of that first sip. I am planning to stockpile the new Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper to try as soon as I've weaned him. You better like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, kid.
  • Not Greeted Kids at the Door: In the past, I have been notorious in my classrooms for standing outside my door during every passing period to greet kids and keep an eye on the halls. Now, I spend every passing period walking down the hall to the bathroom. EVERY passing period. I am currently working on my new design for schools where every classroom has a bathroom. I know there would be issues, but benefits too. At least for PG teachers.
  • Had So Much TMI: PG is all about having too much information you're dying to share. And I won't share it here, because I have other forums for that, but suddenly so much of your life is up for grabs. So much of your body, in fact. Things you rarely tell your mom or husband suddenly become important things to share.
  • Loved Someone Who Kicked Me So Much: It's time for the cheesy part of the blog! I get seriously kicked. I also get stretched, when Master Cool seemingly stretches both his little arms and little legs to his full height and presses against his uterine prison. That's a bit uncomfortable. It's weird to get internally abused while driving, or teaching, or watching TV, and love it. If he's quiet, I start to panic.
  • Telepathically Communicated: This ties in with the one above. If he's not moving much, I will make myself completely still, and think, very hard, "Kick me, [Name]. Kick mama right now." And you know what? Nine times out of ten, he does. Seriously, 90%. Just now, while typing. I realized I hadn't felt him for a while. I kythed with him a bit, and he moved. We are in sync.

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