April 27, 2009

Holding Pattern

I do have a longer post on pregnancy--complete with photos!--in the works, but I'm taking a quick break from that for this viral video. This is a jump rope group, performing at the Naval Academy, and while it's long, it will make you feel intensely bad about your cardio fitness. Also, it made me teary. I have no idea why.

ETA: My amazon.com blog links have also led me to this great site--although, if you are my parent, rest assured I'm not nodding and jotting these down.


Jennifer Miller said...

haha that is AWESOME! I can't imagine what kind of shape those girls are in! If only... haha.

Can't wait to see pictures!!

mark said...

Yes, that definately puts my cardio to shame. However, I'm most impressed by the athlete that can jumprope while dong the "worm" on the floor...That's just awesome!