April 12, 2009

Charlton Heston & Easter

When I was young, Mama Cool and I would always stay up to watch the classic Ten Commandments during its Easter Eve showing. We always questioned as to why it was a pre-Easter movie, although one could also argue that it is shown during Passover, which would make more sense. Regardless, we always stayed up to watch Charlton view the burning bush and pronounce his lines in serious tones, opposed by Yul Brynner and his fabulous calves. I managed to convince Mr. Cool to watch a bit yesterday, and told him of my favorite part--the continued involvement of Moses's adoptive mother. In the film, his Egyptian princess mother continues to seek him out, even after he returns to set his people free. I appreciate that concept--I imagine, that if she were still alive when he returned, she would indeed find him and follow him. Her desire and passion for a son were great enough to adopt and raise him, that she would not forsake him even with his changed mission.

Anyway, today, while I am waiting for my family to arrive, I am watching the more appropriate Charlton Heston Easter film, Ben-Hur. As a youngster, I loved to read the abridged copy of Lew Wallace's classic that my grandparents had in their basement. I loved the story of Judah Ben-Hur and his survival through the Roman galleys, his saving of the Roman Quintus, his encounters with Arabic horse-racing, and the thrilling chariot race. Jesus is a side player in this drama, but he is the ultimate savior. Revenge cannot hold up as a motive when faced with the selfless redeemer.

So, on this Easter, I am confronted with massive epics and quiet gestures of faith. He is risen indeed.
Indeed from dictionary.com adv.
  1. Without a doubt; certainly: very cold indeed; was indeed grateful.
  2. In fact; in reality: felt sure I'd win, and indeed I did.
interj. Used to express surprise, skepticism, or irony.

[Middle English in dede, in fact : in, in; see in1 + dede, deed, fact; see deed.]

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