April 22, 2009

Five Weeks--Can I make it?

I haven't really commented on this, so I thought I might. Especially after this horrendous day. In five weeks, I will semi-retire from my career as a freshman English teacher, to take on the career of a mom. Only five more weeks of grading, creating lessons, writing on white boards, and repeating myself endlessly. I plan to return, when my child(ren) has(have) reached an appropriate school-going age. I wonder what sort of schools I will return to, though. And I wonder if I can balance motherhood with the sort of days this job can dish out.

Today has been one of the longest--I was kicked out of my classroom for the entire day due to ACT testing, leading me to wander the halls with my overhead cart loaded down with books, papers, and materials for the day. I dealt with a class of supposed Honors students that had not done their required reading and preferred to talk through the discussion. I tried to explain that chastity was not equal to homosexuality while teaching Greek myths. Right now, I'm covering a class for the baseball coach, meaning I have not been in my classroom all day, and I have had to deal with students all day long. I had a twenty minute break for lunch, but other than that, I have been around high school students.

Sigh. I think, sometimes, that I still love this job, and that I will be eager to come back after a few years of monosyllabic, non-literary conversation. Sometimes, though, that's all I have at my job.


The Coach said...

I sincerely doubt that Master Cool will be mono-syllabic or non-literary for two years. You can read him all the good literature you want, and he'll enjoy every line of it.

Hannah said...

Sistah Cool told me in a facebook post that you're to tasteful to do a full on "baby bump" shot, but may I request another bone be thrown your adoring public's way?