April 13, 2009

British Emotion

Thanks to Youtube, the British found another way to make a hormonal woman cry! (And more proof that Idol sucks compared to the British talent shows.)


mark said...

Quite excellent! I too wish Americas would get on board with an attention span. If one of "our" idol contestants even sang an opera arangement they would be voted off as soon as possible.

I'm not a huge opera fan - sure I've seen Tosca in London - but I much prefered the Tosca seen in Quatum of Solace. But I do acknowledge that it's not a bad base to test someone's singing chops. If you're reading this and still haven't watched the clip - check it out...

Lynn Trew said...

Not sure I would call it opera but she nailed it and then no one was laughing!!!! It was great!
P.S. I bought yarn yesterday at a great fiber arts store in Sheridan. Going to try to make my first pair of socks... have you made any yet, Mrs. Cool?