July 14, 2008

Ye Olde Blog Post

Huzzah for the blog reader! Huzzah! These two days hence, on a most lovely Saturday, we four hearty travelers didst venture to the Colorado Renaissance Festival, wherewith we didst enjoy cooling breezes, and many medieval delights. (One couldst argue that it should be a Tudor Festival, but we shall discusseth it later.) Below, thou shalt find many of our merriments. Huzzah!

Mr. Cool, Sista Cool, and Brotha-in-law Cool eateth many turkey legs and roasted corn.

The brave knight Sir Tristan of Ireland didst compete for our cheers.

The joust didst show much skill, but lacked the bloodshed we were promised.

His Royal Highness King Henry and his Queen Anne didst lead us on our festival day.

Many amongst us didst wear the proper clothing, but spoke uponst ye olde cell phones.

Many fine merchants appealed for our business.

Behold, a fine spinner and yarn merchant had set up shop.

A new sort of cap, crafted of chain metal.

A Mistress of the Spinning Wheel showed us her vast skills.

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