July 06, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

We all have different things that make us happy--and I think the founders recognized that. This 4th, Mr. Cool and I each got to enjoy something that makes us happy. For Mr. Cool, that involved setting off fireworks with my cousins. Fireworks are difficult to photograph, but I had a great time playing with my camera. When we returned back from the legal land of fireworks (Wyoming), I discovered a package from my Ravelry Libris swap partner, the fabulous HettyKnits of Canada. That made me pretty happy--and ready to try socks (or at least felted clogs.)

A bottle rocket takes flight. (The poles are a temporary fireworks addition to the yard.)

As my cousins age, we begin to see more fountains at the private show.

It's difficult to see beyond the sparkles, but there are about five other fountain remnants littering the driveway.

My fabulous swap package included three books, a book light, knitting needles and pattern for turning the beautiful Noro Kureyon into Fuzzy Feet, and a delightful owl dishcloth in my favorite shade of green. It will never wash a dish. Swaps are a fabulous part of the knitting world, and I love them so much, as they introduce you to people from around the world. How often will I get a package from New Brunswick, Canada! Thanks, HettyKnits!

Pursuits to Come: My First Baby Hat (not for me, for friends), and a Trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival!


abby said...

Please send me your address and I will send you a few knitting goodies from this side of the world!

My e-mail address is abby.kirkbride@gmail.com

The Coach said...

Legal fireworks. Awesome.