July 20, 2008

And So It Begins . . .

In exactly one month, I will be learning 150 new names. Yep, August 20, that's when the English I magic begins. If I didn't have a calender, how would I know?

The Signs
*I visited Wal-Mart and Target today--both had their back-to-school sections set up.
*I received a letter informing me that I have been given the job as Co-Sponsor of Knowledge Bowl. (Yes! Fellow nerds!)
*I am meeting Mama Cool and Alaskan Auntie Cool for teacher shopping this week, hopefully.
*A cold pit of fear and excitement has settled into my stomach.

As Mr. Cool and I walked by the supplies, I informed him I felt ill and tired and had to move away from the binders, paper, and pencils. "You used to get so excited about this," he said. "Geez," I replied, "I guess after 22 years of going back to school, it's started to wear a little thin." I was briefly revived by colorful folders, including one (at Target, if you decide you need it) that had a large O.P.P. on it, with Other People's Paper underneath. (Yeah, you know me!)

I do, however, still have 24 days (I think), before I have to report.

The Last Ditch Summer Tasks

*Read at least three books.
*Knit one more hat, work on Mr. Cool's scarf, and start knitting a sock.
*Shop with Mama Cool.
*Help Papa Cool clean and organize back up in Wyoming.
*Help Sista Cool raise IV funds.
*See at least one more movie in the theater. (Mamma Mia? The Dark Knight? Swing Vote?)
*Paint and organize shared office.

So, all you teachers and non-teachers out there, what emotions does the end of July evoke? What is still on your summer to-do list?


Hannah said...

Dark Knight - no question.

But be prepared to be emotionally exhausted (or is that caused by something else? haha) and wonder what they're saying about the world.


Lynn Trew said...

As an old Knowledge Bowl lover, Dan K. will be quite proud to know that he has passed the torch. They don't have one is Wheaterville any more and he misses it. Your Dad and Grandpa Pat were on his team a number of times and in 2003 they even won it with Pat on it that year. Carry on!