July 21, 2008

End of 28

I have finally learned that life is finite.
I am pressed to finish:
books projects painting knitting lesson plans cleaning laundry

I will not be here forever.
I can't take it with me:
books knitting cleaning

I will never finish every book I want to read.
Will there be British mystery novels in heaven?

I will never knit every project I want.
Will we create in heaven?

I am finding it hard to reconcile forever and never.
I like closure. I like knowing how things end. I like being in control.
It is tough to let that go--to not know.

8 is the beginning of knowledge. 18 is clueless invincibility. 28 is a recognition of mortality.
I am getting a bit weird about 29.


abby said...

I am sending your knitting goodies tomorrow.

Did you get my e-mail about including our prayer letters with your stuff ? I just want to make sure it's OK before I post that puppy.

I like your poem. I wonder where 23fits.

abby said...

Right, I am a mess. Posted, double posted, and tripple posted.