April 29, 2008


I used to stress a lot about what I would wear to work. Then Mr. Cool started working at the jail, where he wears a uniform. "Hmmm," I thought to myself, "a uniform would be sweet!" So I started checking out my fellow teachers to determine a uniform. The main example of teacher uniforms appears in the fall and spring. Winter is a free-for-all of sweaters and tasteful (school-spirit) sweatshirts. In the fall and spring, however, teachers (especially male teachers) wear polos and khakis. Sounded good to me.

Today I am marking my twelfth straight school day wearing a polo and khakis. Being a girl, however, I have to spice it up a bit for myself. Last week, I wore a matching bracelet every day. This week, I'm wearing my three purple-ish polos on MWF, and my two orangeish polos on TTh. Next week, I'm starting the rainbow project, where I will wear my polos in order of good ol' ROY G. BIV. First, though, I need to update my uniform with a blue and yellow polo, the only two colors I'm missing.

Do my kids notice this? Of course not. They're too busy noticing each other. Having a uniform though, keeps me comfy and less stressed about my job. Do you have a uniform for work? If it involves polos, join me in the rainbow project!


mark said...

My uniform is a brown polyester shirt and tan polyester pants, black polished boots, lots of badge/brass/poky parts, and 15 pounds of duty belt. I much prefer the few days a year I go to work in jeans and a polo!

On the plus side, no drama to what I wear, and I don't spend a lot on clothes...

Amanda said...

You do look pretty cute in your uniform, though, Mr. Cool. And, of course, the perfection of the polo--soft cotton like a t-shirt, but with a professional collar!

-abby said...

Clothes in the Faroes are expensive in general, and in specific Faroese like expensive, fashionable clothes.

In contrast, though, people usually have three or four good outfits that they wear constantly until they wear out.

Interesting, no?