April 16, 2008

Taste: Last Meal

Mr. Cool and I like to play this game, and so do people around the world. I've even read about Anthony Bourdain (my favorite chef/traveller/author) playing the game with chefs.

If you had only one more meal left to eat on earth, what would your last meal be?

My answer hasn't remained consistent throughout the years, changing frequently, but one part always remains consistent: meat and potatoes are involved. As I think deeply this morning, considering the flavors that I want to linger on my palate as I shuffle off this mortal coil, I believe I'm going for this meal:

*Mom's Beef Stew, with potatoes, carrots, and tender beef
*Homemade Biscuits, with butter and honey (since it's my last meal, I demand warm biscuits)
*Peas, my favorite green vegetable, liberally sprinkled with kosher salt
*Toll House Pie, with vanilla ice cream

Yeah, that sounds good.

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Hannah said...

I was in a huge green tamale phase from Christmas Eve (when we had Mexican Food Theme) until about a month ago, coming home from a visit to you. I think I overdid it, but back in January, my last meal would have been (all from Tortilla Factory on S. Greeley highway across from the Safeway):

Hot chips & salsa with fresh tomatoes and lots of cilantro
A chile relleno
One or two hot green tamales
Hot green chile (eyes watering)
Huge glass of horchata, no ice
(Corona with lime or margarita would suit, too)

Or a delicious Indian thali

Or an Italian feast

Or a falafel sandwich with pickles

Or what you've proposed, cooked by your mom.

May we rest in peace.