April 04, 2008

Number One, Guv'nor

Spring Break #1: London, England 2003
Mr. Cool had an excess of student loans during his first year of grad school, so he had the wacky idea that we head to London. As an English teacher, this is a visit to the mothership. It was amazing and incredible--we focused on London and did everything we could. We visited the Tower of London (great jewels), Westminster Abbey (crowded with royal graves), St. Paul's (amazing climb to the top), the new Globe (Shakespearean wonderland), the Tate Britain (PRB forever), the British Museum (Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles), the British Portrait Gallery (all my favorite royals), Trafalgar Square (climb the lions), Buckingham Palace (changing of the guards), we boated on the Thames, took a double-decker tour of the city, walked around Hyde Park, took the Tube everywhere, ate fish and chips, visited pubs, had Indian take-away, took tea at The Orangery (yay, clotted cream), left from Paddington Station (even a statue of the bear himself), and enjoyed every bit of the city. If we went back, we wouldn't mind just doing a repeat of the entire trip!

So, that's it, my #1 Spring Break. Sorry there aren't any pictures of the Cools in London, but we photographed the trip on disposable cameras, and I'm feeling a bit too lazy to get the scanner working. I've realized while counting this down, that many of my best trips have been at other times other than Spring Break, but this trip would still be #1, no matter what. What's your best trip ever?

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