January 28, 2012

A Shawl for My Mother

I started knitting a big, red shawl for my mother while I was at my sister's house after she had a baby. I had read that shawls were great travel projects, and I wanted to get started.

It is a good-sized, comfy shawl, in warm and sheen-y Bamboo Ewe.

Mother Cool wears it so elegantly, don't you think? I made the Oscilloscope shawl, which combines a lovely eyelet pattern with garter stitch, so there was zero purling in this shawl, which made it whip along.
A close-up of the eyelets blocking--I always block on towels, and I think as I made more shawls, I need to buy white towels so the photos turn out a bit snappier!

Also, a quick Happy Birthday today to my dear friend Hannah!


Dan and Lynn said...

This is great! She will wear it with pride. Red- one of my favorite colors!!!! Nice!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out. Yes, a shame about the lack of birthdays together in my 20s decade. I hope we can remedy that in the next decade.

Last night was pulled pork barbecue rather than Mexican. Another of my favorites, not easily found in Afghanistan :)