January 31, 2012

12/12 in 2012: In By a Toe

This is my last skein of yarn from the lovely Shakespeare Yarn Club I did for my birthday. The three skeins were all based on "Much Ado About Nothing," and this skein is named for the main characters, Beatrice and Benedick. Actually, the name of the colourway is A Skirmish of Wit, which comes from a Leonato line regarding their constant interplay. It is a lovely stripey, with navy standing for Benedick, and a rich burgundy red for Beatrice. (The colors are pretty accurate in this picture.)

As part of my goal to knit 12 shawls and 12 socks in 2012, this one just squeaked in, and it's not even quite whole. I'm planning to do afterthought heels (see that line?), so I will hopefully finish this one and its mate next month. I am loving this yarn and how it knits up. Stripey socks forever!

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